Friday, August 15, 2014

Yeti Plush Kickstarter Announcement

The Spooky Pooky Kickstarter is officially underway!

Guess what arrived?! The first official yeti prototype! 
I am so beyond thrilled with how he turned out. It's perfect. 
The only changes you will see to him will be that his little tushy will be dropped just a tad.
Other than that, what you see here is the very yeti you will be able to buy through my Kickstarter! 
 Check out my video and keep following me here, Instagram (@spookypookycreations) and my Facebook page and you can find out when the kickstarter actually goes live. We are just test running it now so it shouldn't be long at all! :)

There will be a few different pledge rewards and we are even going to add a stretch goal for a bigfoot plush. I'll be sharing those pics and details over the next few days as well, so make sure you follow me!