Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Annual Free Valentine Cards- Putting the Spooky back in Spooky Pooky!

I never post anymore. 
And for that I am sorry. :(

But if you follow me on Facebook
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I promise someday I will have time to blog here. Right now I am just so swamped. 

Until then, here are my (as usual) last-minute, annual Valentine cards! 
I thought I would go with monsters...ya know. Because I am Spooky Pooky! 

The first picture can be printed on regular sized printed paper and they are ready to cut out and giveaway. 
Just right click and open them in a new tab. :)

I am also posting the separate cards in case you wanna snag one to post on a friends wall or anything. 
And to make it easier, keep scrolling and I have included the previous years' cards in case you want those. 

Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for all the wonderful support!

2012 Cards
2011 Card Set


twelvedaysold said...

I'm going to use the beans & burrito one!

Thanks for sharing!