Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quick Trip to Wonderland

Last year, I did a 30 Day Photo Challenge through my wedding photographer, Amber Fischer Photography. It was a blast! I learned a lot more about my camera through the project, made many new friends, and I got some good photos and memories out of it. Susie of Adelaide Photography, who also participated in the challenge, was a friend of Amber's and from a small town near my own and Kevin's hometown. (In fact, she met Kevin on a group date way back in the day! How funny!) We became facebook friends and through that, we started talking about things in general which somehow turned into us talking about doing a photo shoot together someday. 

Luckily for me, Susie was coming home for a family reunion last week and even better, she wanted to do a shoot and I have to do is make her some plushes in exchange for her AMAZING photography. The shoot was a blast and her skills as a photographer are mind-blowing. Plus, she is the sweetest, nicest person ever with the happiest and cutest baby I have ever seen plus two adorable kiddos. Let's just say I really liked her. Please, check out her link I posted up there and follow her blog. He photography is stunning and she is a friend that anybody would be lucky to have and know!

These are part of the photos that she has shown me so far which I took from her blog to show you. But still, I urge you to go view her post with them, please!:)
See...told you she was talented!!!
Susie, thanks for doing this! I had a blast and it was wonderful finally meeting you! 


Erin Love said...

Your eyes are just soo... WOW