Thursday, July 12, 2012

Feet on the Ground, Head in the Clouds

Aw man, just when I said that I would be posting regularly I turn around and go missing for a month or two. Hmph. I am going to blame it on all of the changes and move I went through, so there! :)

To be honest though, we moved to Boise on June 1st and it took me about 3 days or less to get everything in, hung up, assembled and put away. I guess I was a little anxious after everything I had gone through! We lived out of boxes for a few months and it was pretty miserable. And I was just ready to move on from the whole California/Disney fiasco and get back on track.

Speaking of which...I have a lot to show you all and a lot to update you on. Even though I was moved in so quickly, I have stayed away from my blog because I was searching high and low for a job and wanted to devote all of my time to it. Searching everywhere for a psych job, I spent a lot of my quest feeling disappointed. Originally, I thought I would come here and use my psych degree to get a job working with children with special needs and it would be as simple as that! But jobs aren't easy to find even here, and much to my surprise, many of the places I applied to were still minimum wage but with A LOT of work. I am fully willing to work my butt off, but some of the requirements and job tasks were downright ridiculous! In the end, I decided to start looking and applying everywhere instead of just that kind of work.

Low and behold, I got hired at Barnes and Noble as a barista! I love books and I love coffee so I am pretty excited! This is my first week and tomorrow begins my training on the floor so wish me luck!

Anywho, Boise has been great. Some of you may recall that I was a little bit reluctant to move here. It wasn't Boise itself- it was everything else. Having to leave California and my lifelong dream behind to a small city that I have been to a bajillion times in my life; you just seemed like the worst outcome ever. But even though I have lived less than an hour away from here for my whole life and been here a million times before, moving to this city all of a sudden changed the way I look at it.

Before, a drive to Boise was a planned trip. You knew exactly what you were coming for and where you needed to go and you had limited time to get it all done. But now, I have everything at my hands all the time. And since I am not coming here from Ontario with a a specific shopping endeavor or event to attend, I notice so many things I had never seen before. Little boutiques and shops downtown, thrift stores all over the main drives, bike and hiking trails, and just a lot of cool places and things! I can't wait to get my photography going with some seniors I have booked for later this summer- there is so much cool scenery. I mean you cannot deny that Boise is a beautiful place. Look at this picture I found of it:

We live in Central Boise and I am pretty sure it is a perfect location. I can see the mall from our place, Barnes and Noble is just past it so my drive to work is a couple minutes, downtown is about 10 minutes from here, there is a high school with a beautiful track and running trail behind it across the street from our apartment complex...and best of all, there is a Toys R Us straight down the street! (I will never grow up or give up my toys!)

All in all, I am happy girl. Boise is beautiful, Kevin and I are loving all the new experiences here together, and I am hoping I enjoy my new job. Make no mistake though- the sting of leaving Disney behind is still there. It always will be. Sometimes, all it takes is seeing a Disney commercial and I burst into tears and cry until I cannot cry anymore. Some days, it feels like the hurt will never go away because I wanted it so badly.

I think about it all still. A lot. Maybe too much. But the thing is, this whole experience made me want to realize my dreams even more than I ever did. It makes me strive to work even harder to get there. If I did it once, I know I can do it again. This time I will just know what to expect and how to prepare. And now, in a weird way, being in Boise is going to help me make that happen. I am only working part-time but I have a bigger audience and more opportunity for my art and photography. Between those three things, I plan to work my butt off and save as much money as possible. Kevin is working a new job where he not only works 50+ hours a week, he is making commission, so already, we are in much better standing. Now all we need to do is continue saving, planning, and most importantly for me, continue dreaming and striving towards my goals.

For now, what is most important is that I keep enjoying Boise and all it has to offer but continues dreaming about Disney and imagine all the possibilities for when -not if- I get back there.
-Feet on the ground, head in the clouds.-


Alexandra Lundgren said...

What a small, small world. I just found your blog from Kira's and I too live in Boise. Grew up in Idaho and moved to the 'big city' after high school. I hope it is all going well for you and perhaps one day our non virtual paths will cross. WELCOME!!!