Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello friends! 

I thought I would do a quick update on the state of things since my last post was such a downer. While I a still totally sad about everything that happened, things are definitely looking up.

Kevin and I have an apartment in Boise that we will be moving in a week from tomorrow! Woo! 

It's totally cute and nice. It's about double the size of what we live in now- maybe even more! The living room is huge and has the cutest fireplace ever which I am just itching to get in to decorate and arrange. We have two large bedrooms; the master bedroom will be used for Kevin's man-cave and the tv room (I am taking over the living room for my studio since it's huge and I am in love with the fireplace). The other bedroom is still huge and we have room for a dresser! I know that sounds silly to be excited over a dresser, but our bedroom now fits our bed and nothing else. So a dresser with storage is going to be such a luxury! No more living out of baskets on the floor! Speaking of storage, the place has a huge coat closet, a linen closet and a storage closet- again, living in a place with no closets or storage, this is totally exciting for me! The kitchen is not too much bigger that what we have now, but the cabinets are doubled and we have a dining room! No more eating from tv trays in the living room in our office chairs! The dining room leads to a porch outside that is adorable so I am on the hunt for a patio set. Finally, we now have a bathroom that is about 3 times bigger than ours now, WITH A WASHER AND DRYER. This is was sold us on the place! Our bathroom now is the size of a cracker-jack box...okay, maybe a tiny bit bigger but it's tiny. And we do not have a washer and dryer...if you have lived in a place without these you know how much of pain it can be. I am so excited to do laundry. Yes. I said it. 

When we move in next Saturday I will take real pictures to show the place off and then I can document the whole transformation to making it our own place. own. We all know Kevin has no say in how I decorate. :p

Love this fireplace! It's hard to tell with nothing in there, but the living room is pretty large. This will be my studio but there is plenty of room to make a little sitting area! 
I am planning on a Bohemian/Shabby Chic/Spooky Pooky theme. Which just means a hodge-podge of junk all things I love!

Bathroom counter-space and drawers! 
Our current bathroom does not have a counter top that goes beyond an inch or two from the sink and it doesn't not have any drawers. 
Am I excited? Heck yes, I am! 
I can put my makeup and hair stuff away instead of baskets on the floor and other rooms.

The washer and dryer are in a closet right across for the counter here. 
Not sure how I will decorate it yet, but Amy offered to make me Mickey and Minnie Mouse tissue and toilet paper covers so I guess maybe we might just have to have two Disney rooms! 

I cannot begin to express my excitement over having room for a dining room table. 
Eating at tv trays can get so old! It's messy and uncomfortable.
I think I will do the kitchen in a vintage disney theme since all my dishes are Classic Mickey! 

I didn't take many pictures and I doubt you all care to see a million pictures anyway! :D
I am just so excited to start decorating and to just get a new start. This isn't an apartment in California and I do not live down the street from Disneyland but this is the start to getting back to Anaheim. 

We are paying less than half for this place than we would be paying for a teeny-tiny studio in Cali. 
Nuts, right?!

This was our first priority in my "Disney Comeback Plan." 
Finding a place in Boise is perfect for us right now, because it gets us out of our tiny town and will allow me, both of us really, to get a fresh, new start. 
There are hundreds more job opportunities over here, so we can start saving and get our income bracket up to what it needs to be when we apply for places in California. 
Kevin already got a full-time job- today actually! 
I have not found one yet, but I have not looked too hard. I am waiting until we get moved in there so I can just take a day to drop off resumes everywhere I go.

On top of this, its just a lot more fun and entertaining in Boise.
We have grown up going there all our lives so we know the place well, but there is still a ton of new stuff to us.
We have friends here, and there are always concerts and shows to go to. 

I think with this move I will come out of my funk right away!


Crystal said...

I'm so glad you are looking on the positive side of things again! I cant wait to see how you decorate your new place and I'm sure everyone who follows your blog wouldn't object to a whole slew of pictures :)I live down in Salt Lake City so if you really need help moving in or you just want to come visit Utah I would be happy to help you out or show you the sights :)