Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Scheming and Planning!

Had another good day, today! Before I left for L.A, I packed up our entire place in boxes, and during the process, I purged more than half of my belongings! I had boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff to get rid of. Since I did not have time to have a yardsale before leaving, my mom was going to do it for me. But since I came home, guess what we did today?! 

It was a yardsale of epic proportions. Art/craft supplies galore, Halloween goodies everywhere, plush, toys, clothing, furniture, rugs, dishes- you name it, I had it! I ended up making a good amount of money on it, and it felt awesome getting rid of so much stuff! I will be able to move into out new place with a clean slate. I kept very little of anything, and now I can move in with a very small amount of stuff, and have it 100% organized.

In other news, I was up ALL NIGHT planning my new place. Seeing the apartment yesterday just made me so happy and excited. I genuinely love decorating and arranging spaces and I get to start all over! 

I am on the prowl for a cool china closet or entertainment center with shelving and storage. I found an awesome one here in town but its huge so I need to wait until I get my other furniture in the living room to see how and if it will fit. I want one to display all my cool collectibles and gifts and art on top of the shelves, and use the bottom for craft and art supply storage. 
I like this exact green too! I think I will try to paint whatever I find a similar color. 

I can't paint the walls and I will be a little bit limited in how much I can hang up on them, but I still plan to blast the living room with color. 
I want a bohemian vibe with mixed colors everywhere with no rhyme or reason. 
I am going to use some of my yardsale earnings from today to go buy fabric to make pillow-cases for my existing pillows. I am thinking I will go with the jewel-tone inspired values I posted here-
purple, orange, yellow, turquoise, green, etc.
I have my black candle chandelier and my mom's vintage hippy bohemian rug from her teenage/20s years that will be perfect to really set the tone!

As for the kitchen, I came up with a new idea last night. I still may change my mind on this, but I think I will go with a vintage Disneyland theme as opposed to just classic Mickey. Vintage Disney opens up A LOT more possibilities, and a limitless color palette. I want to do washed out tones- not pastels! Yuck! 
I actually took a picture of a pin I have made to look like the original Disneyland sign and color-matched all the colors on it.
I think this photo capture the colors well too!
I definitely want to make a cool bunting with ribbon, fabric, paper, and pictures to run over the entire top space between the cabinets and ceiling- 
a combination of these:
I plan to put some of my Disney books up on that cabinet space, along with teacups and saucers (Mad Tea Party ride), vintage birdcages, candlesticks, doorknobs, etc (Haunted Mansion, Mainstreet), some cute bird figures I have (Tiki Room) and a bunch of other stuff. 

I would really like the large versions of both these prints for it someday!
I thought a vintage suit case would be cute with old style Disneyland tickets and a retro Mickey doll would be really cool if I can find the right pieces! 

 Speaking of which! Are any of you in Anaheim? While I was down there I found something I REALLY wanted. It was a Mickey Mouse doll made to look very old. He was sewn from cloth and did not look like modern-day Mickey does.  He wasn't exactly like the old style Mickey dolls from Disneyland, but very similar. I was going to get him but decided to pick him up after my last night in the park so I wouldn't have to carry him around all night. 

Welp. Guess what I forgot. :(

It was in the gift shop attached to the Anaheim Plaza Hotel, on the corner of Harbor and Disney Way.
It's basically right across from the entrance!
 If anyone reads this and happens to be there, or ever see him please let me know, and I will paypal you the money for him and shipping to send him! He was only 20 dollars!
I really, REALLY want him!  

Anyway, that was a random tangent, wasn't it! 
Sorry. Naturally, I have Mickey and all things Disney heavy on the brain so it's hard for me not to just blurt things out (or type them I guess!).

No plans for the bedroom yet, really! I do know that I want to make some sort of makeshift headboard but I have not decided what yet, or picked a color scheme. 

I do have plans for my porch, but nothing to show you my line of thinking, really. I want it to be inspired by Alice in Wonderland! 

Well, I really need some sleep and I won't get any if I don't just shut my laptop and go to bed!


Strangebee said...

Oh, your ideas for decor are lovely. I hope you get to get them going! I am also completely bummed that I wasn't in OR to go to your yard sale. :D Not that I need any more stuff but I love Halloween things with a passion and can never have enough lovely craft things either. Haha.