Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wonderland Dolls!!

My Alice Dolls!
 I make a lot of Alice things as you have probably noticed. Because of this, I have met a lot friends who share a mutual love for all things Alice. I made a very special friend awhile ago name Atte.
She is from Spain and while we have never met in real life, I just love the girl!
She is so sweet and kind and has nothing but positive things to say!

Atte and I love wonderland and cotton candy. We did a swap together awhile back and I decided to make her an "Atte in Wonderland" doll based on her likeness.
Because Atte lives in Spain and I am here in the U.S. we will probably not be able to meet, at least not anytime soon! Sad!

So I decided to do a little photo-shoot of my doll and hers so we at least have pictures "together."
Eating cotton candy together- our fave! 
 We do want to meet someday though, and eat cotton candy together!
Atte, come to Disneyland to see me and we can do just that! :D

 Alice, Alexz and Atte in Wonderland!!