Friday, April 27, 2012

Dream Come True + New Adventure

Hello friends! My posts have been so far and few between lately that I hope I haven't lost the interest of my lovely followers! I truly am sorry, but I have a good excuse. In fact, I have an amazing excuse. In my last post I showed you a doll I made that I modeled after a friend who has been helping me chase my Disney dreams.

Well...guess who got a job at Disneyland!!!! This girl, that's who!!!
So yes. That is why I have been so absent, because preparing for this has taken a lot of time and energy. But anyway, I will be working in Downtown Disney at Vault 28, a Disney Couture store. Some of you already know this, but working for Disney has literally been my lifelong dream! I have wanted to work there since I was old enough to say so!
I must say though, it all happened very fast. I got an interview for the end of March, and here I am in L.A. now. :S Let's just say I am a little overwhelmed! I don't start my job until May 5th, but I got here earlier this week because I had to to do paperwork here in person 2 weeks before I start. So I am staying with family and currently desperately seeking an apartment. Kevin (husband) will be here May 6th with all our stuff in a trailer, so I have to find something before then! I am struggling and a little panicked but I am sure things will fall in place as they should. 

However, despite all the stress and worry, and the fact that I already miss Kevin and my cat like crazy, this is how I feel:
 So yes, I will be sure to keep you all updated on how things go and all my new adventures! Not much else to say except that I am the happiest girl on Earth! I can't believe my lifelong dreams are coming true! It is so surreal!

Me before the interview:
 Me after the interview. lol
 Right before I flew out. My kitty is giving me goodbye kisses since we are going to be separated for at least 2 weeks. :(
 Saw this the day on my interview and considered a good luck sign!
 But this was the biggest sign of good luck...I met the Mad Hatter and Alice!


Melody (melowdee) said...

OMG I am so happy for you. YAY.... Wish you the best of luck in your new job... AND love all the updates you have been posting,... LOVE YOUR STUFF...