Saturday, April 28, 2012

Doctor Who Bag

 My Doctor Who Bag!!
This Christmas season, I made more stuff in one month than I have ever made in my life! So to reward myself for making so many things (gifts, commissions, swaps) I made myself something. lol
 Spoonflower had a free fabric swatch day so I enlisted multiple friends to order the Doctor Who swatches for me, which made perfect pockets!
My Tenth Doctor from Amy. :)
 I used a tie for the strap. Red like the Doctor's with some cool designs that matched the bag well.
I like to hang my keys from the outside so I don't have to dig around to find them again. :)
 Yes. That is a double pocket for my Ten and Eleven screwdrivers. I am always prepared.
 Lani made me a wallet and it matches perfectly!
 There you have it! My Doctor Who bag!