Saturday, April 28, 2012

Skelanimal Christmas Bag

 Again, I am so late in posting this! But better late than never! Just a skelanimal Christmas purse!

Owl Bag!

 I made this for a swap gift! Pretty cute! 

Tardis Magnet and Doctor Plush Sets!

I have made these before, but I got to make 3 more for Christmas orders! :)

Christmas Pillows! Skelanimal Christmas Pillows!

I am a little late on posting these.

But I made these for my house during Christmas time and wanted to share. They are simple but fun and oh-so-me! :D

Miniature Ghost Girl Christmas Style: Little Holly

I made this for the fabulous Kira over at!
She wanted a Christmas Ornament that was sparkly and mentioned liking my ghost girl dolls and so Holly was born!
She is about a little less than half the size of a normal doll. I used a white boa with sparkly tinsel in it to add some flair and used silver glittery elements to give her a more Christmas-y feel but to stay true to the ghost girl feel with no color.

11th Doctor Plush

After I made my 10th Doctor Plush, I knew I would need to make and 11th and I knew it would be going to my BFF Amy! So you here you have him! 

Harry Potter Remembrall Toy Replica

A simple remembrall replica toy I made.
You can but it on my etsy if you like it! :)

I'm Late, I'm Late!! White Rabbit Plush

I'm late! I'm late!

How cute did this white rabbit plush turn out?! 
I originally made him for an Alice In Wonderland show I was going to be participating in, but it landed on the same day as my Disney interview. Small sacrifice, I guess! And now he is available on Etsy instead!

Lucky Skeleton

Okay, I was going to be all cool and have this awesome post for St. Patrick's Day, and did I do it?! 
Obviously not. :(

Life just got in the way so I didn't have time, but I am posting him now and that is all that matters right?! :)

This is a lucky sock skeleton! 
He is made from St. Patty's Day socks.
My brother loves Flogging Molly more than any other band (because my brother is awesome!)
and I recently discovered a love of making sock creatures.
I wanted to make Chad one to send to him in Montana just because.
When I saw the socks, I instantly wanted to a skeleton with the clovers
to represent Flogging Molly.

Another Alice doll, yet again!
This Alice doll is for another friend I made through our mutual love of Alice in Wonderland, who is also from very far away (the U.K.)
I met Charley through my blog, and she is seriously awesome.
Super cute, quirky, and kick-ass all at once!
She loves Alice in Wonderland and Halloween and all the same things I do! 
We had a Halloween swap so I decided a Halloween Alice doll was in order. :)