Friday, March 23, 2012


Hi there folks! Okay, I have been a horrible blogger lately. Horrible.

It has been busy here. REALLY BUSY. But I suppose we are all busy, I just have not been making the time to post like I should, and I have a folder on my desk top filled with pictures I need and want to blog about. But by the time I get home and I am done for the day, taking the time to make a post about them just seems like the hardest thing in the world!

I am still working at my accounting job, but it is only seasonal help- tax season that is. So I am out of a job come the 17th of April! I have mixed feelings- on the one hand I can go back to my old ways of focusing completely on my art projects and commissions and my photography. And that job is STRESSFUL. However on the other hand, the people that work there are wonderful and I love them, and the money has definitely been nice. But this just means new adventures are in my future! Who knows what's next!

I have been doing so many photo shoots lately for my A.R.T. Photography business and I am loving it! I have a shoot tomorrow, in fact. When I finish working at the office, I plan to redo my blog for it since I have not updated it in probably over a year. I need to update it and then keep up with it for a change! But for now, I do keep on top of the facebook page for it. Please check it out if you have a moment!

I have loads to show off and post and write about, and I promise as soon as things slow down, I will catch up and get back to my regular daily or at least weekly posting schedule. But for now, enjoy this new yeti I made! I still got it going on for yetis. ;)