Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wrex and Grunt of Mass Effect. BFFs.

I am lucky enough to have a husband who totally loves and appreciates hand-made gifts. least he pretends to. Either way, he shows a great deal of appreciation towards any gifts I make him, even if they are not the manliest things. :)

I don't often talk about Kevin or his interests since I mainly keep this as craft talk, but I will tell you that Kevin loves space and astronomy with a passion. His favorite movies and video games are all on he subject of space and he spends a great deal of time reading up and studying it.

I mentioned earlier, that we did not want to spend a lot of money of gifts this year and we are also trying to get rid of a lot of things and condense our belongings greatly. We do not want and certainly do not need any more nic-nacs or toys or stuff like that. So this year we both got clever with out gifts. He got me a mickey mouse cake that I posted on another entry, and I opted to get him a magazine subscription to an astronomy magazine. Both gifts are useful but not expensive and won't just end up collecting dust!

But I had to make him something. It just does not feel right to not make something for him on a holiday! So, at midnight the night before V-Day, inspiration struck and I decided to make him two tiny plushes to go with his new space magazine. Mass Effect is his favorite video game ever and he loves two of the alien characters, Wrex and Grunt. I couldn't think of two more appropriate characters to go with such a magazine. :)

They are actually some pretty gnarly looking creatures and turning them into cutesy, flat little plushes was not an easy task by any means. 
 But, I managed to get them somewhat recognizable, and he loved them which is all that mattered to me. I hope you guys like them too!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello all! Happy Valentine's Day! Well...happy belated Valentine's Day that is! But technically, I am only a couple hours late. And I was out enjoying the day so I think that is a good excuse! 

I hope you all had an amazing day! Whether you love or hate this holiday, I just hope that it was a good day and not a bad day for anybody! 

Kevin and I are saving up to move as I have mentioned, so we agreed not to do or buy anything to save money. But as usual, every year we say this and every year neither of us hold up to our end of the deal. Just like every other year, at midnight the night before the holiday, I set out to work on a small gift for him. :)

I had to work all day as usual, and while my job is a GREAT blessing, and overall a wonderful place to work, it has been a little rough. I have been thrown into things that I have no idea of what I am doing, and I work for an accountant...and it is tax season. Enough said. 

I have been struggling to stay on top of my photography and art jobs and to stay positive and optimistic about it and often come home feeling very defeated. But today I had the best surprise ever! 
How sweet is this?!

I loooooooooovvvee cupcakes and sweets. Way too much. There is a cupcake shop downtown here that I am just in love with. Everything she makes is sooooooo good. And lemon is my all time favorite sweet flavor and her lemon cream cupcakes are just to die for.

Sooooooo, because Kevin and I are saving money as well as trying to condense our belongings down (i.e. stop collecting so much junk  treasures), he got me a big ol' lemon cake in the shape of the one I love the most. 
Mickey Mouse!
It was not only a thoughtful and clever gift in an effort to give me something I would love but was not useless or take up space, it serves as a reminder of why I am working so hard and why it is worth it. It is all for Disneyland and moving to California! 
It was way hard to cut into, but once we did, it was hard to stop eating. We have some left, but not a lot! 

I ended up making him Wrex and Grunt from Mass Effect. They are two alien characters from his favorite video game.
 I will do a full post of them later but here is his whole nerdy gift.
Grunt and Wrex , an astronomy magazine and nerds candy. :)
We saw a movie and had dinner and managed to hardly spend any money. 
Wendy's for dinner may not sound like a great Valentine's Day date venue, but Wendy's is a rare treat! We LOVED the place so much but our local one burned down which broke out hearts. 
So it was plenty romantic for us and saved a lot of money! :D

I hope you all had a wonderful day! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Commissioned Doll- A Unique Ghostie!

This was a commissioned piece from my Etsy shop. She had a hard time coming to life after my finger incident, but luckily, I think she turned out pretty cute. I hope her owner thinks so too! She wanted baby blue hair and lavender eyes- a new one for me! She doesn't have a name or story- that is for her new owner to decide. I hope you all like her! 

A New Yeti?!

Okay, my signature yeti will always be my favorite and most-loved yeti.

BUT. I get a little bored of making so many. Don't get me wrong! I love every single one I make and I am sooooooo grateful that I get to make so many and that people like him and order him. It is so awesome!

But sometimes I just need a little change. I have been wanting to make a new yeti for awhile. And so I when I saw this boa, I  was instantly inspired and this new little yeti was born. :)
I love how he turned out! If you do too, he is available here on my etsy! :)

Another Mad Hatter Plush!

Recently, I was invited to participate in a gallery show with an Alice in Wonderland theme. You know I can't pass that up! I have had a Mad Hatter plush sitting in my old bedroom at my parents house since June and I decided it was time to finish him up and use him for the show. 
He is my first piece I plan to contribute. Tonight, I have three cloth dolls in the works, and I plan to do a curio cabinet and maybe a painting. We shall see what I have time for. :)

If he is not accepted I will be putting him up for sale on my Etsy. I can't wait to make more stuff! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yeti Giveaway Winner!

So, I counted all the entries and assigned a number to each one- so many entries, thank you everybody!

Anyways, the winner of the giveaway is Alexandra Rosado! 

Thank you to everybody for all the awesome support and stay tuned for the next giveaway!