Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions

I am not the type to make specific resolutions. It just doesn't work for me to be so detailed, because I lose sight of things or get overwhelmed. I do however, have a few general resolutions this year, that I thought I would share. 

-Mostly for my own good, so I remember to stick to them. ;)

1. No more swapping.
I am giving up craftster swaps and I will be participating in very few- if any- personal swaps. 

Not for any bad reasons or anything. I have made some amazing friends and received wonderful gifts in swaps. This is just for my own well-being. I have 5 personal long overdue ones I am finishing up this week, and after that I will just not be doing them. I have a new job I am starting so my time will be limited more than it has in a long time. 

Most importantly, Kevin and I are saving up to move away from here and hopefully to California so I can pursue my dream more seriously so I need to save every penny I make! 
Swapping gets spending with the supplies and postage! And I just cleaned my house for 4 days straight and I have WAAAAAAYYYY too much stuff, so it is just a good time for a break. 

2. Back to regular blogging.
I lost sight of my blog back in October when things got hectic! It was just impossible to keep up with it when I was doing so much in October before the trip and when I returned from Dinseyland, things got even crazier. I had a CRAZY amount of Christmas commissions and I just simply couldn't blog along side everything else. 

But now that life is getting back to normal, I plan to catch up on all my projects that I didn't get to post and then to regularly keep up with new projects. I also want to gain new followers so stay tuned for giveaways! 

3. Staying focused and not getting in over my head.
I learned a valuable lesson this year on taking on too many projects. I enjoyed making all my Christmas commissions, and of course I am incredibly thankful for it all. But I was left soooooo exhausted by the end, and I have never been more burned out in my life! 

I have always had several (we are talking up to 50 projects) going at a time. This year, I will limit myself. I will focus on only one personal project at a time instead of several, and I will only allow myself a certain number of commissions at a time. Not swapping will help this. I never want to feel so tired and sick of creating again! 

Basically, those are my main goals for the year. I want to enjoy this year to the fullest extent!  I am going to be working on my final swaps and commissions this month and the rest of my time will be dedicated to a few fun personal projects and mostly re-stocking my etsy shop. 

I want to keep up here and reactivate my flickr account because I miss being on there. 
I will unfortunately, be pulling away from Craftster quite bit. But that is an entirely different story! Just a personal choice that I can explain to you later if you want to ask or email me about it. 

Does anybody else out there have any resolutions? What are your plans for the year? 


:: miss m :: said...

Aw, definitely sad to hear you won't be doing personal/Craftster swaps anymore. I know our Little Visitor swap was easily one of my all-time favorite ones. I can understand though needing to focus on other things.