Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Project List

Hello everybody! How is your first Monday of the new year going? Today was pretty much my last full day of freedom. I have tomorrow off, but I will be spending the day getting ready to start my new job. So tonight is my last late night watching tv and lounging. After that, it is back to business of commissions and Wednesday is my first official day of my new job! Nervous!

I noticed a lot of people are participating in different craft challenges- 50 projects in a year, 365 crafts- one for every day of the year, etc. I don't want to commit to any one of those since I have no idea what is coming this year. With this new job and aiming for Disney and a California move, my future is unclear!

But there are a few things I know for sure I would like to make and I thought I would lay them out here! :)

1. Haunted Mansion Doll House

I have already started one of these actually! I bought a plastic dollhouse for 4 bucks at a thrift store and my dad sand-blasted and painted it black for me. I have it about 75% completed with furniture, wall paper, paint, etc. I for sure want to finish it now and it is the first thing I will start when I get my last swaps and commissions out this month. I can't wait!

2. Halloween Costume

I know it is a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but you know me- Halloween is always on my mind! And I hate how every year October rolls around and I am either left scrambling to make my costume or disappointed in myself that I didn't make something much earlier and left to wear a mediocre store-bought costume.
I would really love to be this version of Alice from Alice: Madness Returns. I am not sure my sewing skills are up to a dress like this, but man it would be amazing! If I don't end up making this, I am starting my costume asap, regardless! I want to be awesome this year! 

3. More Nightmare Before Christmas Rooftop Characters 

Making Jack and Zero was just so incredibly fun. My dad and I have decided we want to continually work on this project and add as many things as we can. 
Oogie is first on the list.

4.  A TARDIS Cabinet

I really want to make a TARDIS replica. Even if it is just a small cabinet or full size one, I want to build  or reconstruct one. I do have a very large 2 door TV cabinet that is actually the perfect size and shape for a TARDIS. Unfortunately, Kevin bought a new tv and it is an inch too big for it! I may still use it for this project and save it for later. (It is being stored in my old bedroom at the parents house since we have no use or room for it at the moment.)

I WILL build my own TARDIS eventually, though!

5. An Alice in Wonderland Installment for my Planter

Ever since this my husband and I moved in together, the front of our "apartment" has been heavily decorated to the fullest extent possible. Well, this week, I took it all down and the place looks so boring and bare!!

So now I am brainstorming and I would like to do an Alice in Wonderland installment/scene in my planter. 

I have been collecting pieces already- I want a little tea party table, banners, a door, a chandelier and some words in the window. Of course I will be screwing al the tea party stuff onto the table and the table into the ground. :)

6. T-Shirt Quilt

I have had a ton of t-shirts saved for a quilt for the longest time. This year, it is getting done! 

Basically, that is it for my personal projects. As far as little things go, I don't have a desire to make much else for myself besides an occasional bag when I see cute fabric I cannot resist and get tired of my current bag. 
(*I love side-sling bags and like to change them often!)

I promised myself I would not make myself any more plushes. I have way too many! If I do make any that I cannot part with, I made a deal with myself I have to sale one that I already have or donate it to something. :)

As for the rest of my projects and what I will be doing craft-wise? Since I am not doing swaps this year, all projects will be going into my shop!
I still have lots of wands and I plan to do another batch soon to get some more variation. I have 4 big plushes to finish and sell, and I would like to make many more big, medium and small plushes. Since I finally learned how make purses and bags, I plan to make several of those as I find fabrics I like. Plus other random things- paintings, mixed media art, maybe some digital art PDF, files.

So expect to see my store stock increase greatly!

Is there anything you would like to see in my Etsy? Please let me know! What are you project plans for the year? 


Raven said...

I love that tardis cabinet! Also love the spooky doll house. I should start on my Halloween costume now also.

Unknown said...

Oh. My. Goodness! We have SO much in common! Everything from our love of Disney to Tim Burton. Doctor Who to American McGee's Alice. I seriously cannot believe how much we have in common! Anyways, I received your lovely comment on my blog today and I thought I would stop by to answer your Disney question!

I myself am participating in the year long Cultural Representative Program, which means I will be working at Epcot. More specifically I'll be working in Attractions at the Canadian Pavilion so I can represent my country!

What did you apply for? (P.S. I adore your blog too and I look forward to reading more!)

Anonymous said...

I so love those tshirt quilts. I've been saving tshirts from all the concerts and festivals I've been to the last couple of years to make into one and this has just motivated me to get it made! I'd love to see how you get one and how you do it as I have never made a quilt in my life!