Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ninnified Jack and Sally Set!

Craftster often hosts different themed Ninni swaps. What's a ninni, you ask? A ninni is a little monster plush based on a very basic pattern seen here.  As you can see the pattern is quite simple and you can be so creative with it! 

I joined a Holiday ninni swap and my partner and I were specifically joined together because we both adore The Nightmare Before Christmas. That said, I sort of ran with that theme!

I started with a Santa Jack Skellington Ninni, but I just was not pleased with him, and then I saw my striped fabric and ended up with a Jack Ninni monster! Then I knew he needed Sally, so I cut and pieced her dress pattern together in the shape of the ninni pattern using felt. After that, the swap required one small crafted item, so it was only natural the Zero was born. Zero has a string so he can be hung on the tree as an ornament. I wish I would have made a pattern so I could make myself one! Oh well, I am sure I can figure it out again! 


Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to make more of these? I would love to buy them off of you!