Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cal, My Newest Little Buddy

Okay, I promised to show at least a few things that I have made recently. So I thought I would start with one of my favorite items, that I actually made for myself. (Shame on me! o: )

 So, if you have been following me for awhile, you already know that I really love Tim Burton and Walt Disney. Along with Meat Loaf, those three men are my greatest heroes in life and have helped shape me into the person and artist I am today. And then you already know that when I found out that the Tim Burton exhibit was in L.A. and was ending in October, my husband and I decided it was time to make a life-long dream of mine come true of going to Disneyland at Halloween time (I have also mentioned many time that Halloween is my favorite ever).  We worked our butts off and ate peanut butter sandwiches for months so we could afford it all, and we ended up going to the last week of October to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

It was the most amazing trip ever. Ever. 

I came home so incredibly inspired by all the things I had seen and experienced. I have not had a chance to properly report all the amazing details. Maybe in the New Year I will do a special post and share some of my photos! Anyway, tt was like an overload of everything I love up close and personal. I ended up spending a great deal of time crying because I was so overwhelmed. Happy tears of course! 

When I was at the LACMA, a little character popped into my head as I stared at all of Tim Burton's art. He stayed with me the entire trip, popping into my mind at every place we visited. And then when we returned home, he kept nagging at me to make him come alive. I was extremely busy with catching up on work and everything, but finally one very late night, I just had to push my other work aside for a moment and sew him into a plush 3D representation. I couldn't stand it anymore! And so, Cal was born!
 Cal is named after California, in honor of everything that happened on that magical trip to L.A! His overall design is inspired by the drawings of Tim Burton who was my first style influence, but I still tried to make him my own. He wears Mickey Mouse ears to show my love for Walt Disney himself, the parks, the trip, and just my overall devotion to Mickey Mouse and all things Disney. I could have chosen any monster for him to be, but I chose a skeleton so he will forever remind me of my special Halloween anniversary trip. And I just love skeletons. The stripes are in honor of Tim Burton as well. His ears are actually a little removable hood that ties around his chin!
 His name is also Cal, because my husband and I were so enamored with everything, we are saving up our money and planning to move to California so I can pursue my lifelong dreams. Lastly, because this was such a life-changing trip, he inspired our Christmas cards this year!
Hope you all enjoy him! :D


Audio said...

What a CUTIE!!! I love that the ears are removable!! Great idea for a keepsake!