Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Sorry I have Neglected You All!

So. I had big plans for this blog throughout the month of October. Seriously. I had daily posts mapped and planned out. I have a ton of Halloween projects to share. I still have pictures from the October Faire to share. I had planned on doing an October daily photo challenge. I was going to be so awesome. 

But you know what happened? I GOT BOMBARDED. This month has been incredibly productive and I have gotten more custom orders in one month than I have in my whole life. Every moment of every day has been filled with sewing, drawing, assembling, and just making things. I got custom Halloween plush orders, custom wands, costumes, etc. And I had already committed to 4 Halloween swaps so I had to finish those. While this has all been wonderful and a dream come true, it has also been a bummer that I couldn't execute all my fun blog plans. I also had to nix a Halloween giveaway, unfortunately. 

Anyways! I AM caught up with the Halloween custom orders, Halloween swaps and so I can slow down a teeny tiny bit. I have less than one week before I leave for California! 

In other news, Kevin (the husband) and I are going to be dressing up for the Disney After-hours party! Kevin will be the Tenth Doctor and his costume is pretty much done and he looks awesome! I am going as a Dalek and I am about 90-95% done with the costume. Tomorrow, I am hoping to finish it up and get a mini photo session in it if I have it done in time. 

So, what I am saying here is, please forgive me for not following through on my big talk of the awesome things I said I was going to do on here. I will try to get some things blogged throughout the rest of this week! :)