Monday, September 26, 2011

A Year of Adventures, and Many More to Come!

Yesterday, the 25th, I celebrated my first year anniversary with my husband. Can you believe a year has gone by already! Holy crow...I had no idea it would go this fast.

Kevin and I, as I have already mentioned MANY TIMES, are going to California for our celebration. But we still wanted to do something special yesterday. We agreed to no gifts for each other, and that we would just go out and eat dinner or do something simple and save all our money for the trip. 

We ended up driving out of town (since Denny's is our nicest restaurant. Not even exaggerating.) and we ate at Olive Garden then saw the Lion King in 3D. It was a pretty relaxed day, but it was wonderful just being able to spend time with Kevin and watch such a beloved movie from my past. 
(The Lion King started my obsessive nature.)

Even though we said no gifts, the night before the big day, I didn't feel right about not having anything to commemorate the event. So I gathered some supplies I had present in my studio, and a little over an hour later I had this. 

It has a little Skeleton couple and a Tea Party scene inside. The Halloween and Wonderland theme is taken directly from the actual wedding theme and is in tribute to our Halloween trip. I put a black cat on top to signify a Halloween inspired Cheshire Cat, and to represent our own Halloween Black kitten we got in October right after the wedding last year. And there is a Mickey Head in the top corner to represent the anniversary trip. Luckily, since I love all these things so much I have lots of supplies on hand! :)

It is nothing too special, but I was glad I had at least something to show for our big day. First anniversary's are a big deal to me, and the day was so special!

Kevin also broke our deal and bought me a couple gifts! Cheater...although I really am not complaining at all. ;)

First, a collection of all the greatest Horror Movies. We are going to set up my old tv in the living room, decorate it with creepy stuff and play these movies all day every day through October. I will take a picture to show you the set-up! 
My parents gave us a gift too- travel pillows for our trip! We wanted these sooooo badly on our trip home from Florida and coveted all the people on the plane who had one. Such a perfect, useful gift!
And Kevin also bought me a pretty awesome Pre-order Special of The Lion King! After discussing the movie all day, watching it again, then talking about it all the way home, I was too inspired too sleep and made the tiny Simba that night. :) (His post is being written at the same time as this.) 

So, overall, it was an excellent day. I love Kevin and this first year was amazing. Thank you to everybody that has been along with me in this crazy ride and to all of you who have supported and encouraged me. You are all so amazing! 


Nessa the Procrastinator said...

I can't believe it's been a year! It's coming up two years for Todd and I and it's weeeeird. I love your little scene. :)