Friday, September 23, 2011

Woooooooo-Eeeeeeeee-Ooooooh! Doctor Who Swap: Keychain and TARDIS


Okay, so you all already know I am Doctor Who obsessed, so I am sure you are not surprised that I just participated in a Who swap then. 
This one was AWESOME.
It was a "Fill-a-Box" swap, in which you make/buy enough items to fill a small flat-rate box. Those are the only rules- fill it up and make at least one item. Well, much like the TARDIS, my box really was bigger on the inside after some tricky folding and stuffing.

I started out with a Who key chain, complete with the TARDIS key, adipose baby, and some charms that reminded me of The Girl in the Fireplace, my partner's favorite episode.

Next up: Tiny TARDIS!
More coming soon!