Monday, September 26, 2011

Spooky-Pooky Style Simba!

When I was a kid, I LOVED Lion King and it was one of the first things I obsessed over and began collecting and naking stuff of. I had it all- the shampoo, bath bubbles, toy sets, candy bars, Wonderball toys, Kids/Happy Meal toys, school supplies, Christmas Ornaments, etc. Anything that came out of it, I had to have it. But my most beloved possession of all was my Simba plush. I packed him everywhere and he remained to be my favorite stuffed animal for life and I still leave him on my bed. 

Seeing the film again in theaters was incredible. Every old feeling of love, admiration, excitement, awe-inspired, etc came rushing right back to me. The movie was just as good as it was back then, and it still stands the test of time. It such a brilliant movie in story-telling, animation, art, music- everything. A masterpiece, if you will. And watching it with my husband for our first wedding anniversary made it all the more special.
 I had goosebumps almost the entire time I was watching the movie. 

When we returned home, I wanted to make something Lion King related. I was just so inspired, and I ended up not being able to sleep from it.
And so, I ended up with this:

 He turned out pretty cute, and he just sort of happened. I love it when that takes place. I put him on my bed with old Simba and it was then that I realized just how worn and torn he is. :(

But I just remind myself he is not old and scruffy-
He is loved and cherished! And now I have Baby Simba to remind me of my anniversary, my love for the movie and Simba (animated version and stuffed version), my childhood, and to keep inspiring me! 


Jourdan said...

This is amazing! We preordered the movie for my daughter, who is so excited for it, even though she hasn't seen it. I can't wait to share some of my childhood memories with her! Great job. :D

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

Very cute! Todd won't take me to see Lion King because I can't promise him I won't repeat all the lines and sing all the songs. That's so sweet that you still have your Simba. I have a blanket my aunt made my mom in the 70s. It's completely falling apart and I love it.

BonJubles said...

Your creations are SO ADORABLE! I wish I had the talent for making cute stuff :D