Friday, September 9, 2011

More Doctor Who! Another Tenth Rag Doll!

Hello guys! I am behind on blogging! Way behind! I have been working my tail-end off on Halloween stuff for the Octoberfaire my town holds every year, as well as swap packages, commissions, and prizes. I am sorry for the absence!

I am going to be saving my Halloween goods to post for October. You guys know that is my favorite month and I want to do a post a day. I am also hoping to find another monthly photo-challenge for that month, that is Halloween themed, (or I can just make it Halloween themed!). For now, I have several Doctor Who projects as it is HEAVY on my brain. I finished season 4 and finally saw the regeneration. Matt Smith is fun, but he is just not my Doctor 10. I am only 6 episodes into Season 5 though, and he is growing on me. I just won't be in love with this Doctor...which makes my husband happy! 

I made another Doctor Ten rag doll, this time in his brown pin-striped suit. I painted the stripes myself which was very terrious. Stay tuned for him on Etsy if you like him. :) He will available soon! And stay tuned for more posts as I catch up on my blog posts! More Doctor Stuff plus other things!