Friday, September 23, 2011


I have been a horrible blogger lately, but it is all for good reason. I am totally and completely swamped right now. This week, I had photo sessions every single night, which was awesome. I am getting more and more practice with my photography, and making money while doing so. Although, it is also exhausting taking photos, then editing them. But no complaints, really! I am enjoying this new venture completely! 

Here are few from one of my favorite sessions, Hailey's Senior Portraits.

I have also been preparing for the October Fair still, and working my hands to the bone. I have what feels like a million hairclips, 12 hand-appliques bags that turned out soooo cute, 12 little skellie plushes,  10 bulletin boards, and some random decorations completed. And I have a new batch of wand supplies all laid out to be made and assembled tomorrow, zombie plushes ready to be sewn, and some bigger plushes if I have time. 

THAT is why I am slacking on the blog posts! In other news, Kevin and I bought our Disneyland tickets! It is official now! 

We will be there for the full last week of October. I cannot believe I am FINALLY going to see the Haunted Mansion Holiday. I have been dreaming about this for YEARS. Since it very first started, I have longed and ever cried over it. Yes...I am pathetic. That emotional, stereotypical artists fits me to a tee.
We are also going to the LACMA, because Tim Burton's has an art exhibit there- 
Did you hear that??
The very man who inspired and helped largely in making me, Spooky Pooky, Alexzandra Talbot, who I am today! 
This is huge for me. 
We bought our plane tickets today and at the last minute decided to throw in an extra day and go to Knott's Berry Farm to see
"Knott's Scary Farm."
This will be our anniversary celebration, along with crossing off a few objectives on my list of lifelong dreams.

Speaking of which, this Sunday, I will have officially been married for a year! We are not doing anything as to save money for our trip, but I am trying to squeeze in at least a small gift for that, but we'll see!