Friday, September 23, 2011

Any Disney/Traveling Advice for Me, Anybody?

Okay, so like I was saying earlier, my husband and I are really going to California for Halloween!
Words cannot even begin to describe how excited I am. 
I know that is a cliche to say...but it is just so true. It is all I think/talk/dream about. I already have my suitcase out and have been adding and buying a few things here and there for the trip.

Since our Honeymoon to Florida was so recent, I have a MUCH better idea of what to bring. But I was wondering if any of you had any tips or suggestions. Especially those who travel often, and ESPECIALLY anybody in California. 

Right now, my number one priority and what we will be headed over to Boise to find are a good pair of shoes. I am going to actually spend some money and not go for a bargain buy like my normal habits lead me to. I wore converse for our 7 days in Disney World. 

Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

  • So a good pair of athletic shoes are at the top of my list.
  • Second priority are water bottles, which we already bought. And we will be buying some protein and granola bars and things that will keep us going and our energy up. I can't afford the snacks and Kevin is one of those guys who needs constant feeding. 
  • I also made a little pouch with a hairbrush, comb, floss, chap stick, gum, bobby pins and hair-ties, a headband, sunglasses etc. Stuff I always wanted but never seemed to have at Disney World. Or stuff I came with and lost, (hair stuff mostly), so I want to be prepared for this kind of stuff fully. Anything else I should put with that?

  • A hat. A couple hats. I didn't bring a hat and I REALLY wanted and needed one in Disney World.
 Any suggestions or tips on what else to bring? Any of you Californians have some words of wisdom for me? I am not sure what kind of clothes to pack. What is the weather like this time of year? Is it still really hot, or cooling down by then?

I will say that I get cold VERY easily. 

My style consists of layers. I ALWAYS wear layers.
My most common look:
Leggings, tank top, slouchy shirt on top, and a scarf. 
If it's cold in the evenings, I add leg warmers and a cardigan.
Then a jacket if necessary.
Would this work for Cali?
I was thinking I could do this and start off with light layers, and keep adding if it gets cooler. 
And I can bring a pair of levis always just in case I get too cold. 

What do you guys think?
Anything else I need? 

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! 


Melissa said...

Can I bring food into Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park?

If you wish to bring your own food and enjoy an outdoor meal in an ideal setting, there is a complimentary Picnic Area conveniently located outside the Main Entrance to Disneyland Park.

With the exception of food items for Guests with specific dietary restrictions, food or beverage items are not permitted into either of the Disneyland Resort theme parks.

That was the first thing that popped into my head. Also, though it's been ages since I went, I believe dress comfortably with good shoes is a great plan. Last time I went in summer I wore shorts, a tank top with a small shrug like lace sweater over it and I can't remember my shoes but I got sunburned pretty good and had sore legs after. Haha.

Have fun!

Melissa said...

I did forget to mention it does get cooler in the evenings relatively, not totally freezing but you do notice it even if it's 60 out. That can be COLD compared to the almost 80 it can be during the day. You might also get a little rain. That's about all I remember now. :)

hgddm said...

Yup! It's starting to cool down out here so it should be really nice weather for your trip. The layering is a good idea though because there's no telling if it will be up to 90 or down to 75. Have fun!!!!

Alexz said...

I have a friend with an annual pass to the parks, and she said that you can bring granola bars and stuff so I am not worried about that. :) I just want to make sure I have the right clothes.

WendyRamZ said...

For comfy shoes check out some Pumas, I wear mine all day at work (where I'm standing/walking all day) and my feet never get sore.

Raven said...

It'll probably be hot in the daytime and cold at night. I always bring a hoodie for nighttime or buy one there. I wear saucony shoes, they're pretty comfy. The shoes are cheaper if you can find them in a local store, like $35.***4*********1044-1*M110&stockNumber=1044-1&showDefaultOption=true&subCatId=cat10050&subCatTabId=&viewall=

Raven said...

I usually wear pants and a t-shirt and a baseball hat. I also bring a sun umbrella and don't forget the sun block!