Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wistful Wendy- Another Ghost Doll

Today, August 13th, was my mom's birthday! She is the greatest woman on Earth and I wanted to give her something she would love for her birthday. She has been wanting a ghost doll ever since I made my first one, Little Lilly, so I already knew that is what I would make her. But I wanted to make it personal to her, so I created Wistful Wendy. My mom's name is Wendy, and she is a children's librarian who reads like it is nobody's business!

May I present to you, Wistful Wendy:

Here we have a child once known as Wistful Wendy,
Curious and smart, she did her own thing and was not very trendy.
With her nose always buried in an adventurous book,
She rarely ever thought to take a second look.
Wistful Wendy never took a break from her wonderful tales,
People would try to get her attention but would always fail.
Because of her lack of attention she often came close to taking a nasty fall,
But she didn’t even notice because she was too enthralled.
Wistful Wendy wished real life were more like the stories she read,
And she read all day long until it was time for bed.
Unable to ever tear her eyes away,
Her family worried that she might get in trouble someday.
That day came when Wendy was walking along in her usual manner,
Her eyes glued to a book she didn’t notice the creeping vines growing out from a planter.
She was surely to trip on the thick plants if she didn’t look up quick,
And the road below her was made up of brick.
This spelled out disaster, but for once Wendy was unimpressed with her story,
For the first time ever she looked up because she found it boring!
It must have been fate because Wendy was able to hop over the viney patch,
She landed on her feet with not even a scratch!
Dancing with victory, Wendy was ever so pleased,
But it didn’t last long and she fell to her knees.
Because of her habits her fingers were covered in paper cuts, never properly treated,
Too busy reading, the germs in the cuts spread until she was finally defeated.
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, and Mom, if you see this, Happy Birthday again! Love ya!