Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Wizard Wands! (Special Ones)

I know you have seen a million wands from me already, but I wanted to share a few specific ones I made for gifts. These first three were made for myself, and my two BFF's Lani and Amy. I wrote a story about how each wand was made from the same yeti hair and phoenix tail feather, forever bonding and linking us together.
Click on the image to make it larger and you can see the story. Each wand's description spoke of what wood the wand was made from and it's symbolism describing it's recipient. The wood I chose (theoretically of course!) for each wand was based on each person's birthday and the Celtic Wood Calendar. This is my card but you can see all the others on my facebook fanpage. :)

These next two were for my best friend and brother, who ended up dating and moving in together after they met at my wedding!

Tara LOVES turtles and so I had been saving this charm to use for something just for her. 
I think of her Patronus as a turtle because she is wise, creative, orderly, protective, stable, and strong; all things associated with turtle symbolism
 This one is for my brother. 
Chad loves fire and is also a firefighter. His wand has a flame to show not only his love and fascination for burning flames, but also because fire symbolizes change (which there has been A LOT of for the both of this year), creativity, passion, and action which all relate to him greatly.

Also, the wooden bead was made by our Dad, where we inherited a large part of our creativity.

Now, I am off to cast some spells with my own wand!


Noelia said...

Ohh i saw you on crafter, yeah now i remember :P I like your work!!! I use the same style you use for some dolls in some i made few years ago, i will see if i can find pics or i will take new ones to share :D Im being lazy with Blogger, too many things to do! Anyway have a lovely weekend!