Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beauregard, The Haunted Mansion Butler!

This is Beauregard. He once worked as a butler in a beautiful mansion but like so many others who worked in that ghastly but wonderous house, he met an early demise. He is one of the 999 souls taken by that Haunted place. Now doomed to forever roam the grounds of New Orleans Square in Disneyland as a permanent cast member, Beauregard just needs a friend. And I am here to fulfill that. 

Standing at about 15 inches tall. He was inspired by a trip my husband and I are desperately trying to save up for- Disneyland and the Tim Burton exhibit in October! I wanted something to sit by my sewing machine to keep me motivated and inspire me to keep working towards the trip. I liked the idea of him being a Burton-ish skeleton with Mickey ears dressed like a Haunted Mansion prop. Tim Burton and Walt Disney are two of my biggest heroes, and this trip is a lifelong dream. I LOVE Halloween and it is my favorite time of year- I have wanted to see the Nightmare Haunted Mansion takeover more than anything, and once I found out Tim Burton has an exhibit at the LACMA this year, I knew it had to be now or never. So Beauregard is going to sit by and remind me and keep pushing me towards my goal!

Oh, and then I added the red scarf because my third hero is Meat Loaf...good measure, ya know? And he is named after a tombstone in the Haunted Mansion ride! Cheesy


Unknown said...

OHH! when I saw the thumbnail on my feed I thought "hey! that looks just like a ghosty from the Disneyland ride!" And low and is!! Great job! Love it..;0)

Nightengale said...

he is adorable!!! i so hope you will be able to go this October. The Haunted Holiday overlay is wonderful! When it was lit up at night (our last night) i got all misty eyed because it was so wonderfully/romantically creepy!

Noelia said...

Crossing my fingers so you can do your trip!