Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Etsy Listings!

Hi all! I took a little blogging break but I realized I miss the daily photo challenge and posts! I am going to start another one real soon because I miss it so much!

So first order of business is playing catch up. I FINALLY posted all the Harry Potter Wands on Etsy today! I am so excited, I hope to make some sales!
I also decided to sale my Alice in Wonderland plush/office collection. Yup. It was a hard decision and it pained me to list them this morning, but Kevin and I really want to go to Disneyland in October so I am selling a lot of my personal collection. I can always make them again later, right? :)
There are some new cryptid plushes up for grabs, other than the just made to order ones now, so check those out!
 Not to mention a cute Nintendo DS/DSI Bigfoot Carrying Case
And the wooly mammoth is available too! 
And remember Hedwig and Pigwidgeon? Yup, they are for sale too! 
And finally, this Jackalope painting is listed too. 
So, spread the word and love and help me go to Disneyland! 
I am currently taking lots of custom orders and giving sale prices so if you have an idea or possible order, email me at