Saturday, July 16, 2011

I, Cthulhu, am now in Tiny Steampunk Plushie Form!

I was in the One Tiny Stuffie Swap again, this time with AlmostDawn as my partner. In her survey she said she wanted anything to do with:

"cryptids, sea creatures/monsters, anything a little unusual, steampunk, Neil Gaiman inspired." She also said she loves anything with a top hat and a mustache.

Sooooo...I kind of took that to heart and tried to incorporate all those things and came up with a Steampunk Cthulhu (cryptid/sea creature/monster aspect) and gave him his own book which is his biography, "I, Cthulhu," originally written by Neil Gaiman.
He is only 3 inches tall! 
And here he is hanging out with the doctor. Because we all know, if anybody was going to meet up with Chtulhu, it would be the Doctor.
He was hard to part with, but she loved him! So I am pleased!


Jamie said...

OMG he is absolutely amazing!! I was picturing him so much bigger with all that detail until you showed him in your hand. You're awesome!!