Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alice Doll

I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July! I spent the weekend camping and enjoying the heat (got too much sun and got sick at one point), at family barbecues enjoying treats and Kevin and I and his neices and nephews ended the weeked with watching the fireworks on the roof of our auto-shop-turned-apartment. It was great! :) 

While camping, I finished this little doll, who I am in love with!
She is listed on my etsy, and I plan to make more, some like her, some completely different!

I also am offering custom-made dolls completely chosen by you! Check it out!

Finally, I made a new friend who loves Alice and all things weird just as much as I do! She has a new blog and needs followers! She makes lovely dolls and is made of awesome. Please check her out and follow her!

Have a good week!


Charley Button said...

There is so much awesome between us that we should bottle it and sell it to less awesome people!

Love your new work! Especially the Potter wands. I'm taking the day off work to see the new one next Friday!

Jackie said...

oooooooh I LOVE her!!! I jsut found your to look some more :)