Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lesley Jane Dolls

So recently, I made another new friend on Craftster, know there as lazy.jane. This gal is INCREDIBLE. She makes the most beautiful and adorable dolls you will ever see! I fell in love with her work instantly from the moment I saw her first posts.

Little did I know then, that I was going to be so lucky as to swap with her! I have not sent her package yet, and I will not be showing anything off until I have sent and she has received, but I did find a little surprise in my mailbox yesterday. Actually, I missed the mailman, so I just had the slip to pick it up the next day, and when I saw it was from Scotland, I almost died from anticipation. It was torturous waiting all day and all night to go pick up the package. 

Then when I got home, I thought I was going to be all cool and wait to open the parcel until Friday because it is my birthday. That thought lasted two seconds. I put the box away and then got it immediately after and ripped it open. And man-o-man was I excited!

Check out my newest addition to my swap/Wonderland/doll collection:

Alexz in Wonderland
 I requested an Alice in Wonderland doll, only designed to look like me. And boy, did she ever deliver!
 I made a tiny cheshire cat last night as a birthday gift to myself and thought she looked cute with her. :D
I highly recommend going to her facebook fan page and liking her because she is so awesome!
Lesley, thank you for making me the happiest girl ever with this beautiful doll!