Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June is My Favorite Month

I have always loved June. It kicks off the summer. The weather is perfect. The days are long, the nights are fun. My birthday is in June. It is just the best month ever. Summer is such a magical time!

We are having a really cold spring and summer has still not quite made it here yet. But it won't change my opinion of June, even if it is rainy and cold! I am hoping it gets nicer though, soon!

I wanted to do a quick update on life, since I haven't in awhile. Like I said, summer is magical, and I usually have so much inspiration, my projects are non-stop this time of year.

-It's good.-

I am working on lots of commissioned orders, new ideas, swaps projects, and other things. I will forever be crafting Alice in Wonderland art, I have some new plushes in mind, and I would also like to get going on my children's book I have put on the back burner. I am also planning a photo-shoot for my websites with Amber Fischer, my wedding photographer. She is just fabulous.

Speaking of photography, I have a few REALLY fun photo-shoots, kicking off with a Harry Potter themed one on Saturday. Can't wait to do those!

Kevin and I are enjoying life as newlyweds still, planning for some fun trips this summer along with concerts and any other outings we can think of! Our cat is also doing great! I love him so much! Oddly enough, there has been a very mean cat hanging around here that we are pretty sure is our old cat that went missing, Pigwidgeon! :O
I know I have missed some questions in my comments- so sorry about that! What usually happens is that I read my comments when I have a quick minute, then totally forget to go answer any questions in there! D'oh! So if you guys have any questions for me, email them to I think I will start doing a weekly post where I answer questions, inspired by a post Amber does once a week, called Ten on Tuesday.  Each time she posts 10 random things, some info about her, some questions she answers, and some just random things. So start sending those questions! 

Lastly, I am participating in a 30 Day Photo Challenge put on by Amber Fischer Photography, which you can read more about HERE. I am posting them on my personal facebook page, her flickr group, and here. You guys should join in! Today marks the first day and the theme is: Me.
Day 1: Me
I cannot begin to describe how much significance Alice in Wonderland holds for me. Young, forever curious, always daydreaming of worlds that don't exist (supposably,) and always changing. I am Alice, living in my own Wonderland, never knowing what is next for me.
“"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”

So, to end this post, I will go out on a reminder! Start sending me questions! Whether it is about art, techniques, me, or just totally random, send me your thoughts and I will address them in a weekly post! Email me at, leave a comment on my Facebook wall, or leave them on this very post and I will get to them! Also, start sending in suggestions for the next giveaway!