Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 30: Faceless Self Portrait

Amber Fischer Photography 30 Day Photo Challenge
Day 30: Faceless Self Portrait

So today is the last day of the Photo Challenge, and I find myself extremely sad. I have greatly enjoyed participating in this game, and made it a point to make sure I never missed a day. It gave me a purpose in searching for and finding the perfect photo for the day and I treated this challenge like homework and made sure I always had my photo posted before midnight the day it was "due." I learned so much more about photo editing, cropping, angles all because I was intrigued to see what results I could get. And most importantly, I learned more things about myself.

So. Faceless self portrait for the last day. It is funny that the last days portrait brings me clear back to Day 1's photo: Me. If you recall, my photo for that theme was a picture of the words from Alice in Wonderland saying "...who in the world am I?" So, have I answered that?

In 30 days I have revealed some of my greatest loves, desires, hopes, secrets, and deepest feelings. 
Who am I?

I am a wife, daughter, and friend who loves her husband, family, friends and cat more than anything.

I am the biggest fan of Alice in Wonderland, Yetis and cryptozoology, all things Disney, Tim Burton and the macabre, Meat Loaf and his rockin' tunes, old abandoned houses and too many other things to list.

I am a believer of monsters, ghosts, Wonderland and will forever be in search of all of those things.

I am fun, young at heart, imaginative and passionate. 

I am a sewer, painter, builder and craftsman. 
I am an artist. 

I am me. Alexz. Spooky Pooky. 
Forever changing. Forever young. Forever happy.