Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 29: Dream

Amber Fischer Photography 30 Day Photo Challenge
Day 29: Dream

I dream a lot. I dream in every way possible; whether it be daydreaming, dreaming in my sleep, or my larger-than-life aspirational dreams, one thing is certain. I never stop dreaming.

Sometimes I fantasize about silly, frivolous things- but sometimes I find myself lost in thought over serious life matters. Sometimes I dream about crazy and strange happenings while I am asleep- but sometimes my dreams are as boring as a long, uneventful day in real life. My dreams and aspirations for my real life have varied and changed throughout the years from being a Kindergarten teacher to being a world-famous artist. But there is one thing I have always loved that encompasses all three of those types of dreams since I was a tiny child.

I dream of Disney all day long. Day in and day out.

I daydream about being in Disneyland or Disney World constantly- it is my happy place. I daydream about working there just as much. In fact, I daydream about them so much, I find myself in Disneyland in my nightly dreams CONSTANTLY. I can't ever stop thinking about the entire concept of Disney. But most importantly and the most grand of any of these dreams is my lifelong dream to work as an imagineer for Disney. 

I have imagined myself as a concept artist for movies, set designer for both the parks and films, Tinkerbell on top of the parade float, roller coaster designer- you name a Disney Job and I can guarantee I have wanted to do it. I would even be a janitor just to go to Disneyland everyday. Walt Disney is another one of my biggest heroes of all time, and he inspires me so much to do great things. He created one of the biggest legacies in the world all because he dreamed big. Like he said-

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

Oh, I know it Walt, and just you wait and see what I do with that advice. Watch out, Disney. 


Máscara said...

I understand you so much... Whe I was young and my parents take me to Disneyland Paris, I didn´t imagine the door that was open that day...
Nowadays, that sensation that you describe so well, goes with me every day. I am 24 years old, but this it´s not reason to continue dreaming. I am always thinking in a fantastic world that it sounds with the beautiful music in the air, with coton candy´s shop everywhere, and the unconcerned sense of life that only a child could have.

Postscript: I am Fátima, from Spain ;)