Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 27: Hate

Amber Fischer Photography 30 Day Photo Challenge
Day 27: Hate

Okay, so you are probably wondering what is going on here when you see all the things in this picture you all know I love dearly but yet the photo is labeled hate.

You can see the Alice in Wonderland, Coraline, yetis, a zombie, a cthulhu, a day of the dead plush, etc. And I can tell you that there are several other loves of mine that go outside of this shot. So what is the deal?

These are not only items I love of my favorite themes, but these were all gifts to me from people I love dearly. Almost everything up on this shelf (and throughout the rest of my place) are gifts from people I have met in craft swaps through Craftster. They were all made specifically for me, with the sole purpose of bringing me happiness and joy. And they do. For me, they represent not only my deepest loves, but my friendship with these people that I speak to everyday and consider to be some of the greatest friends I have ever met.

So again, where is the hate? All these people live miles away from me. I have not met one of them in person but I can tell you so much about them. Some of them, like my BFF Amy, I know inside and out. They are my closest companions but I have never even heard their voices. I hate that they all live so far away from me. I have stuff up there from my real life BFF too, Tara, and she lives in Portland and I only see her a few times a year. I hate it. I want to see and speak to them in person every day. I hate being so far apart.

As much as I hate that though, it will never  be enough to deter how much they mean to me and how hard I will try to meet each and every person I have come to love. 


Kendy P said...

My shelves look like yours! I feel you - some of the closest people to my heart live in others states, I just know them through words....