Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 26: Love

Amber Fischer Photography 30 Day Photo Challenge
Day 26: Love

I have so many loves. 

I love my family. Kevin, my parents, my relatives, my friends. I love art. Painting, drawing, sewing, assembling. I love reading. Fantasy, True Crime, History, Mythology. I love music. Rock, punk, oldies, ska. I love my heroes. Meat Loaf, Tim Burton, Walt Disney, Leonardo da Vinci.

I just love so many things. 

That said, I was having a hard time picking what to photograph today. Should I capture one of my interests or hobbies that I enjoy so much? Or should I take a picture of me and Kevin or even ust Kevin? Should I go out and find a couple and try to take a candid shot? The options were endless. And I realized that is one more thing I am in awe of. 

There is an endless array of ways to show love through creativity. Whether it is showing a couple in love, the ones you care about so deeply, the interests you are so fond of, you can get as creative and personal as you want. Because I could not decide on just one of those, I decided to get a little more conceptual with my photograph today and show a literal interpretation of cards spelling out the word love. 

I LOVE that you can be as creative as you desire. And there is a little secret here. Playing cards will forever remind me of my wedding and my admiration for Alice in Wonderland so this photo represents two things I love dearly. 

I just love that.