Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 25: Evening

Amber Fischer Photography 30 Day Photo Challenge
Day 25: Evening

Today was one of those days that goes on forever and is just so incredibly boring. 

I couldn't find anything to do. I have several projects to work on but I couldn't commit to finishing a single one. Everything on TV was boring. My mom and I walked to the Oban Festival downtown, but we were early so it ended up not being very entertaining for us. I visited Kevin at work for an hour where he was just as bored. 

It was just a boring day! 

So when I drove to my parents house this evening and saw my brother's cat staring at me lazily, looking just as bored I snapped this picture. By the time evening rolled around today, I felt as bored and apathetic as this cat looks. 

Let's hope tomorrow is a little more entertaining!