Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 23: Old

Day 23: Old

I absolutely love old, antique teapots. Not just because of my obsession with Alice in Wonderland, but because they are so beautiful and delicate.  Each one unique and graceful, teapots provide so much more than just tea. They provide camaraderie and story-telling as they bring people together for a spot of tea.  This particular teapot was a gift to me from my mom at my Tea Party Bridal Shower last summer. 

I had seen it at an antique sale (it is part of an entire set) and fell in love. I wanted it so badly and secretly hoped it would turn up at my birthday party the next night. No such luck. But I still found myself thinking about it constantly. I wondered where it had originally come from and what homes it had traveled through on its way to ending up in an antique sale. Each mark on it held a secret of its past life that captivated and intrigued me, consuming my thoughts all summer. 

A couple months later, after finally giving up hope of receiving the tea set, my mom pulled a fast one on me and presented it to me at my Bridal Shower. I could not have been more delighted! The entire set now holds a place of honor in my home now, and can be seen right as you enter. I love the whole set and this teapot in particular reminds me of my mother. Not only because it was a gift from her and represents her love for me, but because she is mysterious and beautiful and has so many stories to share from her life. Just like this teapot, she has an unmistakable beauty and her kind nature pours out to everyone she meets. 

I love this teapot but not as much as I love my mom.