Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 20: Favorite

Amber Fischer Photography 30 Day Photo Challenge
Day 20: Favorite

This is Simba. As you can see, Simba is a little worn out- l like to say well-loved though. Christmas morning, 1994, I woke up to a beautiful Christmas tree with what seemed to me, millions of presents. I just knew one of them had to be Simba. As we opened our presents, one by one, each one great, many Lion King themed, I still had not found the one thing I wanted most inside any of the packages. 

When The Lion King came out in June of that year, I ended up seeing it several time in theaters. Yup, my obsessing over things began extremely early. I collected all the McDonald's and Burger King toys that came out and friends and family would bring anything Lion King to me or my mom. I had toys, books, crayons, shampoo- everything Lion King. I even had the official Lion King Christmas Ornament that year. But there was one thing I did not have and I wanted it more than anything in the world. The official baby Simba plush.

I remember getting towards the end of my presents and I still did not have my beloved Simba. But then, when all the wrapping paper had been ripped apart, all the packages had been opened, and all that was left under the Christmas tree was a big empty space, my mom just happened to find one last package hidden by Santa Claus. Ripping it open, I screamed with delight to see my precious, desired Simba. One of my favorite memories ever.

I have slowly given away and sold most of my childhood toys and stuffed animals but Simba will never leave me. He slept with me every night. Comforted me when I was sad or scared. Brought me joy when I was happy and playing. He went with me to every slumber party, traveled with me on every vacation, and he even went to college with me. Simba embodies not only my favorite childhood movie and toy, but my favorite childhood memories. He was there through everything.

 And he always will be.