Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 19: Dad

Amber Fischer Photography Challenge 
I used to think that my dad and I were so incredibly different. I used to think that we didn't understand each other one bit, and had not one thing in common.

My dad, or as I like to call him, my Pop, likes to hunt, fish, camp and be outside all day. He loves rocks, turkeys, fish, deer, elk and anything to do with the outdoors. Actually, it is more like he lives for these things. Hunting and fishing are his livelihood. I could not be further from that mindset.

I like to watch movies, hang out and work on my art, and I can't handle being away from my technology for more than a few hours at a time. I like cryptid creatures, zombies, and skeletons and anything else along those lines. Those are MY personal livelihoods. 

But not so very long ago, I realized something very important. This summer, while planning my wedding, my Pop dropped everything to help plan and build some of the most spectacular pieces of art I have ever seen, all for one special day. All for me. He gave up his hunting and fishing all summer, the things he enjoys most in life, just for me.

For my Halloween Wonderland Wedding, my Pop crafted an incredible Wonderland tree, a beautiful trellis for me and Kevin to stand under, and a large replica of the Mad Hatter's Hat. Did he do this because he loves and knows Alice in Wonderland as much as I do? No. He did it because I am his one and only daughter and he would do anything for me. He went way above and beyond the call of duty and produced jaw-dropping results. 

On my wedding day as we were all decorating and setting up, I looked up to see my pop traveling towards us with his gigantic construction trailer hauling these giant, elaborate pieces of art. I was awe-struck. People were following him in and pulling over to see what was going on.

It was at this moment, that I understood how much my dad loved me and how much I loved him. It was at this moment that I realized that we are not different at all. 

We both see the world as a beautiful place. We both have the desire to make it an even more beautiful world through our art. He likes elusive creatures that live in the wild like turkeys, elk and fish. I like elusive creatures that live in the wild like yetis, bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. He likes to mount all those creatures he loves and turn them into art for his home. I like to sew all my favorite creatures into plushes and place them everywhere in my home. We are both artists, always questioning and pursuing art.

I made him this turkey for Father's Day. A silly little gift, yes. But I meant for it to symbolize so much more. His gifts to me are obviously a whole heck of a lot more time-consuming and amazing, and now they symbolize our relationship. They symbolize this new journey we are on as we learn more about each other. But I meant for this funny little turkey plush to let him know that I now understand the things he loves so dearly. 

I may not like hunting and fishing still, but I can understand why he does and relate it to my own passions. And I can appreciate that so much of my passion for life was passed down from him. 

I used to think that my dad and I were so incredibly different. This year I learned that my dad and I are one and the same.


Anonymous said...

This is so sweet almost made me cry. Really alomst I did not cry! Do I did not.
Sweet. You are a cool daughter. Of you are cuz you had a cool dad.