Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 18: Zoom In

Amber Fischer Photography Challenge 
Day 18: Zoom In

If there was an award for the most visits to the Idaho State Penitentiary, I have a feeling I would be a top contender. I love that place with a passion. 

With it's beautiful and now uncommon architecture combined with the decaying that comes with hundreds of years, the entire facility has a haunting allure to it. Every creak, rasp and groan the place makes only beckons me more to come see it. No matter how many times I go, I never get tired of it. I cannot explain the hold this place has over me, but I can tell you it definitely has me captivated unlike any other place in the area.

As I have mentioned before, old and especially allegedly haunted places fascinate me. As you enter them, you can feel all the emotions that once were alive and growing inside each building. Anger, sadness, fear, rejection, loneliness, gratefulness, hope. Millions of emotions just stirred up and left there to forever brew. 

The prisoners, the guards, the cooks, the families with residents- they all left their stories there. They left their fingerprints on the bars, their tears on the beds, there screams in the stairwells. And as you walk through each lonely, desolate corridor, it is almost as if you can hear those desperate cries, see those lonely hands longing for touch- and most of all, feel those empty eyes watching you as a shiver runs down your spine.