Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 15: Necessity

Amber Fischer Photography Challenge

Day 15: Necessity
Is it a necessity for me to have a tiny yeti floating in a tiny hot air balloon in my house? Ehhh...probably not. But is it a necessity for me to create such frivolous things like a tiny yeti floating in a tiny hot air balloon? Absolutely. 

For me, creating is not just something I do- It is who I am. I try and create something new everyday, whether it be a huge, elaborate painting that takes several hours or even days to a trivial and silly decoration created from found objects that take less than an hour, I need to be crafting something. When I am not, I get so incredibly antsy I can't stand it! My studio/craft room is filled to the brim with paints, fabrics, trinkets, beads, found objects- you name it, I probably have it! I fill my place with these things though, so I am never bored and without a project to do.

So, silly little trinkets, plushes and drawings may not be a necessity to get through life- but for me, creating those things certainly is.