Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 13: Noon

Amber Fischer Photography Challenge
Day 13: Noon

Dressed in white taking the form of a young woman,  Lady Midday makes herself evident in the middle of hot summer days precisely at noon. Carrying a scythe or shears, she can be seen wandering around field grounds. But her presence is nothing to be excited about.

In some places she is there to assail you. Nothing personal. Working at noon is a sin in many cultures, and she will let you know with heat stroke, neck aches, or madness. Or something far worse she does with those shears....

In other places, she is there to abduct ill-behaved children who didn't listen to their mothers. Or she is simply there to take children looking through flowers on a hot summer day.

No matter which legend you are following though, if you see Lady Midday at noon- you better run. 

I first learned about Lady Midday in one of my Art History classes through a painting of her. She can also be referred to as the Noon Witch. The legends of her vary culture to culture, but they all imply a certain impending doom at 12:00 noon for those who encounter her. I certainly would not want to cross her path. Mythology can be so fascinating and not to mention terrifying sometimes. But I can never get enough of these legends and stories. 


Raven said...

awesome, I've never heard about her. I learn so much on your blog.