Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza!

I had an AMAZING birthday, and could not be happier with my weekend! 
For starters, Thursday night (or Friday morning) I heard a knock on my door at midnight. Turns out my brother and best friend drove down from Portland to surprise me! Tara was my friend from school and my maid of honor; that night at my wedding, she and my brother met and hit it off. A month later he moved to Portland to be with her. Crazy, right? But awesome. I miss them both so freakin' much so it was a great surprise. Plus, Tara brought her cute puppy!
Friday, I kicked off the day with a surprise from Kevin. I had a dog that literally was my best friend and she got me through my toughest years. Middle and High School were rough on me, but I had Coco, my big, fat chocolate lab to get me through it all and I loved her dearly. I am tearing up as I write about her already. My junior year of college, she died right around this time right before my birthday and right before I got home. It was incredibly hard on me and I never got to say goodbye. I have still had such a hard time dealing with it so I could never bring myself to go to her burial site. Well, Kevin got my parents to help him- together they all went out and cleared out all the 5 foot tall weeds where she is buried, landscaped around her and my dad made a rock headstone for her. My mom got out all my pictures of her and Kevin arranged them on a board and set it up next to her grave. He took me out there blindfolded and read me a beautiful story he wrote about me and my dog and explained to me that she will always be with me. There is a lot more details and he even incorporated a Meat Loaf song. It was the most special birthday gift I have ever received in my life. I didn't get a picture of the site, but I plan to go out there once we have a nice day again and get some good shots.

So, now that I am bawling like a baby, lets get light-hearted again! I spent the day in Boise with Kevin, Tara, Chad, our friend Zack, and two friends from college that had just moved to Boise the day before. We just walked around downtown, went to my favorite store, the Record Exchange, and that night we had cake and a bonfire with all my friends and my family. It was perfect!
The celebration continued on Saturday! First, I got the most amazing package from my BFF, Amy (The Mad Crafter)! It seriously made me cry, it was so awesome! She let me choose a pattern from Etsy that she would buy and make for me so I chose a penguin, but I wanted her to zombify it. And boy did she rock it! 
Then she made me a Dalek, and a Sonic Screwdriver,  which went perfect with the Doctor Who I made myself! 
And she sent me an adipose and Weeping Angel Charm. I now have the nerdiest phone in my hometown.

Oh, and this tiny Hedwig! Which is perfect, because I also received a full set of Harry Potter books! I have been begging for a set for years! 
Then, the most epic surprise of all! Look! Look! She crocheted me! It is my Spooky Pooky logo! This is the part that made me cry! It is so cute and sweet and personal and thoughtful and about 1,000 other things! One of the best gifts EVER!!
Doesn't she go perfectly with the Cheshire Cat I made for myself?! :D
Amy blogged about her here, and it seriously made me cry. (I am emotional this week, I guess!) She is seriously the bestest friend ever. 

After opening my amazing package, Tara, Chad and I met Autumn and Colin again at my favorite place ever. Well, in this area (so not Disneyland). The Old Idaho State Penitentiary!
I ended up making a haul on my birthday with some pretty sweet swag! 
Art supplies like my beloved spray paint, a crate to carry all my projects around since I travel with them place to place, and a killer tripod from Kevin.
Clothes, necklaces (the NBC one is also from Amy and the other two are from my mommy!), 
and hair products!
Cards and money are always welcome. Ha!
 Kevin got me the Real McKenzies on vinyl because I love records and they are one of my favorite bands. And he got me the first season of Glee!
 I also got some random things of my favorite themes: Domo Coasters, a mini penguin pillow pet, an adorable Bigfoot book and postcards with dead people. lol. I always end up with lots of dead things on my birthday or other holidays. ;)
 I ended up with TWO Alexz in Wonderland dolls and love them both dearly! I also got a new Alice book for my collection. 
Soooooooo, all in all, my birthday rocked. Sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to document my whole birthday so I can remember it forever. It was that good.