Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 6: Home

Amber Fischer Photography Challenge
Day 6: Home
This old auto shop has a lot of significance in my life. My grandpa, Ray Simpson, built it in 1956. He ran this shop by himself from then on until the day he died.
If you look in the bottom right corner of the picture, you can see there is an apartment attached to it. My grandpa added that when he built the shop for his parents to live in, or my great grandparents.
My mom and her siblings grew up playing here and visiting their grandparents. Years later when they all had children, me and my cousins spent many hours playing near the apartment, visiting my grandpa, looking at the cars in the back lot- It was a kid's dream come true, full of treasures and adventures. The summer before my grandpa died, we spent everyday here with our parents and him, while they cleaned and we played. It it is one of my fondest memories.
And now, years later, that little apartment is inhabited by yours truly! Kevin moved in there a couple months before the wedding, and I moved in after we got married. It is not only our first place together, it is our first place period. We lived in dorm rooms at school, so neither of us had lived outside of our parent's home until we moved here.
This will surely be one of many places we live, and it is a tiny little space, falling apart in many areas. But I can assure you, it will hold the most significance of any place we live.
-It makes me feel connected to my grandpa. And I feel like he would be proud of me and happy to see us breath new life into it.
-It reminds me of my childhood and it stirs up my favorite memories.
-It may be ghetto, but I decked it out and made it ours on the inside with my art, friends art, and tons of "treasures."
-It is my husband's and my first place so it will *always* be special. We now have the opportunity to create and leave our own stories and legends here.
I love this place.


camelama said...

Huzzah! Happy homewarming! I think it's wonderful that you get to live somewhere with such family history. :)