Thursday, May 5, 2011

If I Were King of the Forest!! The Cowardly Lion Plush

I was lucky enough to be partnered up with Saint Angel in the latest Tiny Stuffie Round and I was so thrilled. She received today, so I am safe to post what I made her. She likes Wizard of Oz...a lot! She has been in all the rounds of this swap and is trying to make an entire collection of Wizard of Oz characters. I wanted to add to it, so I made her the Cowardly Lion. :)


Atteneri (Halloween Town) said...

Aw, this lion is too cute, when I saw it I though in Wizard of Oz immediately! I love it, and the detail of the Courage pendant is great!

Kayla Anderson said...

Holy mole-y! I LOVE THIS!! My husband is obsessed with Wizard of Oz, I'm saving this to show to him asap! Totally adorable, love love love it!!