Friday, May 20, 2011

Hedwig Now Delivers My Mail

. A lot. The theme tends to creep up in my creations a lot.

I just started a side photography project and my biggest focus is themed photography for children and seniors. I have done the Princess and the Frog, a Flapper, Alice in Wonderland, and now I am gearing up to do a Harry Potter themed shoot with two little boys at our local train station. I decided to make a good majority of my sets all handmade stuff by me too, just for the fun and challenge of it. Sooooo of course, I made a Platform 9 3/4's sign, I have several wands drying outside, some capes in the process of being sewn, and some other things. And I just finished this! A Hedwig plush!

I plan to put him in a cage, sitting on top of a "trolley" (a little wire cart I bought at a secondhand store) along with suitcases and a mini trunk. I have a bunch of other props too, like a Maurauder's Map, candelabras, HP scarves, and more birdcages. It should be fun! 
 I really love him, and hope you guys get some enjoyment out of him too!:D