Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Visitor Swap

I have been doing very few swaps lately because they are can be so costly, and I am so poor, but I recently finished up a Craftster swap known as the Little Visitor Swap

This swap works much like a Flat Stanley Swap and it is soooo much fun! I have never had more fun in an organized swap than I did this one. Basically, how it works it that you and your partner each choose a small stuffed animal to send to each other. Once your Little Visitor (LV) is sent and you receive your partner's LV, for the next three months you can go nuts taking pictures of the LV around your area at the local landmarks and doing things and visiting places that are trademakrs of your area. At the end of the three months, you pack the LV back up with a scrapbook documenting the pictures of all the places you visited and the things you did along with souvenirs from the trip.

Not only do your receive an amazing package back with your returning LV and a scrapbook of all his adventures and souvenirs  and brochures to learn about a new place, you learn new things about your own town since you are forced to get out and study it. Really, if you have like swapping, do this one sometime! It is so much fun!

I sent my Disney Pocket Yeti and I was so lucky to be partnered with Phoenix Fire Designs, who is an amazing jewelry maker. Better yet, she lives in Florida and is a regular at Walt Disney World. Yeah...could I have been partnered with anybody better?? I think not! The swap just wrapped up and I thought I would share the packages with you guys! 

First, the package I sent to Miss M!
I saw a very similar box like this on her wist so I used a box I had found and incorporated the scrapbook into it.
Oregon Mickey Pook-a-Looz inspired plush! 
We both LOVE Disney, but she is from Florida and visits Disney World regularly. I couldn't just get her any old Mickey item- it had to be something she could not find anywhere else and something that reflected the swap. So I came up with this.
 Lots of fliers and brochures and postcards, etc. 
Some souvenirs from the places we visited and birthday gifts for Alfred. :D
We both love Ganesha so I couldn't resist!
 All the loot together!

 My package from Phoenix!
I think it is funny that we both sent these Mickey's!
His scrapbook is so cute! I am going to take more photos and post them soon. :)
I am in love with Salvador Dali so this is just AWESOME!
 These remind me of Pirate's of the Caribbean so I love them!
 I also love Japanese things so these are just perfect!
 Miss M is a well-known jewelry designer, and I have always coveted her creations.
But now I have two necklaces of my very own! 
Her Tree of Life pendants are AWESOME!

I am so grateful for the organizers of this swap and for my amazing partner. I will never forget this swap!


Amy said...

UUUUm, I need that cupcake box.

Kira - said...

Oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun!!!