Sunday, March 6, 2011

Completed BIG Nessie!

So I only got one Nessie done this week, and that is it for the progress this time. I decided to take a little break and relax. Mothman can get brought to life later this week. :)

However, I am not disappointed with my lack of creations because I am so in love with Big Nessie. It turned out great...still a few flaws, but much less, and I know what to do now on the next one and I should have it pretty perfected. :)

This one will stay and live with me to use as a sample of my work for when I go places, but I plan to sell these as made-to-order on my Etsy. And I have to make one more for a very lovely woman and lover of all things Nessie. Jessica, you shall have your Nessie sooooon!

I love her little Tam Hat. I feel like Nessie would wear one of those. She is Scottish, afterall. 
She is quite large! She is over 21 inches across! The body is about 9 inches wide, fin to fin it is a little over 15 inches. 
For a size comparison, here is the smaller one which is about 10.5 inches long. Her body is 4 inches and fin to fin she is a little over 9 inches. It looks smaller in the picture than it actually is. 
For comparison together:


AlwaysInspired said...

Both Nessies are wonderful! I just adore the little tam!

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

Once again, you rock. I love that Nessie.

Jamie said...

OMG both Nessie's are AMAZING!! The hat on the big on is so perfect!

-Sam said...

This is so adorable! I showed him off on my blog today, with links to your blog and your etsy listing, hope you don't mind :)