Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post-Valentine's Day

Howdy ya'll! How did everybody's Valentine's Day go?? 

I think I already mentioned that Kevin and I are celebrating it Friday, but I still gave him his gift anyway ad luckily he loved it! And even though I am getting my date and real gift then, he still brought me home beautiful roses and a balloon! I love that guy! ;)
I have been really productive lately and will have lots of new projects to show off soon! 
I also made a mini Pocket Disney Bigfoot for myself and Amy.
^ Truer Coloring ^


Amy said...

Mickey bigfoot has been in my purse all week. I looooooves him!

RebeccaJay said...

Awh! mini mickey bigfoot is so cute! I would love one of these guys hanging from my review mirror, it would be the talk of the car park :)