Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fallout 3 Valentine Gift!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and share it with your loved ones.

And thank you all to used and/or shared my valentines! You guys are awesome!

I am actually celebrating the day on Friday because Kevin has to work every night until then. However, I couldn't wait that long to give him his gift so I gave it to him tonight. 

I have an odd dilemma every year when it comes to Valentine's Day. I was always one of the girls who got nothing on Valentine's Day and had to watch all the other girls get tons of attention and showered with pointless gifts. So I grew to hate the holiday, plus it is just silly and pointless...requires you to spend all this money on silly gifts you will forget about next month! 

However, I am a bit of a hypocrite...because every year since being with Kevin for the last 5 years, V-Day gifts seem to be the most elaborate gifts I do! I think it is for these two reasons: one, since I actually have a Valentine now I like to go all out, and two, (which I think we can all understand) I will take any excuse to craft something, even a holiday I hate!

So this year I wanted to go all out because it is our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, and also because we spent a good part of December in Florida for out honeymoon and I didn't get to make him a Christmas gift. After thinking for weeks, it finally occured to me at 8:00 last night what I wanted to make. Luckily, I had everything on hand in my studio already and I worked on it from 8:00 last night straight into this afternoon the following day. 

 He loves Fallout was one of his most played games this year! Soooo, I just rolled with that. I went online and found labels and screenshots of items from the game, sized them down in photoshop. I then modpodged them to tiny trinkets. I did the same thing with the posters on the cabinet. Everything is directly from the game. The weapons are all from G.I. Joe sets and such toy sets that I "aged" with bronze ink and other inks. There are spearguns, ray guns, grenades and even a chainsaw! Luckily I have been collecting those items for a zombie curio cabinet I am working on for lanikins. 

I hope you all have a lovely day!


Lisa said...

Wow - this is totally awesome! I really want to make one now ^_^